Linked Data

What is it?

Technology is improving the quality of data through better categorisation, connectivity and integration. This data now enables researchers to explore new questions and data landscapes, and the Australian National Data Services (ANDS) developed an infrastructure for national, cross-disciplinary visibility and discoverability of datasets.

Why is it important?

Cross-disciplinary collaborations provide the diversity of understanding required to solve complex problems, but barriers to cohort discovery exist due to content and data still being locked in disparate sources. However, the University is positioned to take advantage of its interdisciplinary research centers to collaborate and explore new questions.

What to do next?

Harnessing linked data requires that we retain research data, provide secure storage, identify ownership and ensure its security and confidentiality. Through continued improvement to the University's Research Data Store, we can continue delivering rich data tools and allowing stronger data discovery between peers, research centers and organisations.