Cognitive Services and ChatBots

What is it?

Cognitive Services provides the a suite of tools, designed to build an interactive, automated model of an application. Cognitive Services APIs harness the power of machine learning, therefore developers can introduce advanced intelligence into a product with little data science expertise. Current APIs include but are not limited to; language, speech, vision, search, and knowledge. A chatbot (also known as an Artificial Conversational Entity) is an example of an automated model of an application, the main purpose of a chatbot is to conduct an automated conversation via auditory or textual methods with an end user.

Universities are complex, process heavy environments, where opportunities for automation are everywhere. Use of chatbots can make variable impact tasks scalable and sustainable. For example, during enrolments the student services team and ICT Helpdesk teams respond to more than six times as many requests, most of which fall into a specific set of categories, and can be interpreted by an cognitive service.

The University will continue to refine its offering in the cognitive space. Today, we leverage our partnership with AI vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google to ensure that the latest and most effective toolsets are available to researchers and educators, and that their benefits can be articulated by operation support staff.