Gigapixel Imaging and Computer Vision

What is it?

The increase in resolution for imaging combined with the rapid advances in computer imaging technologies is leading to incredible opportunities for learning and research. Computer algorithms can now identify features from images with increasing accuracy and speed. This allows for much more acurate models for everything from Climate Science to Traffic management.

Why is it important?

Gigapixel imagery and Computer vision are primarily about increasing the fidelity and accuracy of analysis. This activity is core to delivering on our research strategy across a number of Disciplines, such as Agribusiness Public health, Visual Arts and cultural competence.

What to do next?

The University is already storing petabytes of research data, and delivering thousands of cores of High Performance Computing. The requirements for this infrastructure will grow exponentially as Gigapixel and Computer vision demand increases. Through careful engagement with leaders in the field of Computer imagery, the University can deliver on these requirements.