Student Centered Design

What is it?

Traditionally IT design inside universities has been led by IT Architects, and Systems administrators implementing technology at the behest of Pedagogical experts residing in the faculties. This siloed approach has led to some outstanding innovations but many missed opportunities. Recently a trend involving learners in the creation of their experience as opposed to test subjects has yielded massive returns.

Why is it important?

As we enter the outcome economy, we start to better understand what a learner is looking for. Separating qualifications and certifications from learning and graduate outcomes, no one can tell us better what will help them achieve their goals than the participant. Structured engagement and feedback is key to improved outcomes for the students and the organisation.

What to do next?

In order to take full advantage of SCD, we need to begin Implementation of a student driven pilot space as well as robust and actionable feedback mechanisms. The concept of a ""you asked, we did"" attitude to student engagement will empower the students to help the organisation innovate. The Innovation Portfolio will specifically target this trend through 2017.