Non University Alternatives

What is it?

There are many emerging technologies and services which may present alternatives to the traditional university education. This is partially tied to the outcome economy, in that the outcome-oriented individuals generally seek employability. Some of these alternatives are MooCs, SPoCs and an increasing willingness among companies to employ non-graduates.

Why is it important?

While there has always been some competition with trade-focused schools, TAFE institutions and apprenticeships, the digital nature of these emerging alternatives makes them viable options in the eyes of the public. Large companies like Google have non-graduates constituting 14 percent of its workforce.

What to do next?

We should partner with industry to ensure that the graduate outcomes of our students are aligned to the skills most useful in their career. We should leverage MooC and SPoC technologies to deliver new learning experiences to our cohort. We should also continue to investigate and monitor these non university alternatives.