Quantified Self

What is it?

This new movement leverages wearable technologies to enable data acquisition on several aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, including inputs (e.g. food consumed, surrounding air quality), states (e.g. mood, arousal, blood oxygen levels) and performance (both physical and mental).

Why is it important?

In the field of education, wearable devices are helping students learn more about their own activities and the related maths and science. The quantified self is also being used to improve personal or professional productivity, with tools and services being used to help people keep track of what they do, where they spend their time, and who they interact with.

What to do next?

To take advantage of the quantified self, we first need to consult with the student and staff community about privacy, and work closely with the research community to realise these innovations. We also need to ensure that we have the appropriate security in place to store and manage this new type of information.