Hyper Mobility

What is it?

Manufacturers have made considerable advances in hardware and software in the mobile space, leading to increased user adoption of mobile devices and wireless. As mobile devices continue to improve in capability and processing power, mobile users can achieve more and be more productive.

Why is it important?

The University currently sustains over 60 000 wireless connections on any given weekday and uses over three terabytes of mobile data per month, the figures of which will increase as more high fidelity content is delivered to mobile devices. Staff will be more mobile, increasing the risk of security exposure and of degraded user experience.

What to do next?

We need to be prepared to adopt emerging network technologies, continue to invest in ubiquitous coverage across our campuses, and look to extend our coverage to more of the University community. We should invest in security measures and reporting to enhance the user experience and protect the University's intellectual property.