Data in the Classroom

What is it?

Using big data and data analytics, researchers can visualise complex concepts as interactive graphs, charts and maps. This can serve as dynamic yet accessible learning collateral for students to use in and outside the classroom. By unifying large amounts of data, the students can also discern new relationships and reach new conclusions.

Why is it important?

Academics are seeking new ways of engaging students while sharing knowledge, recognising the need for science communication. Data science in the classroom is one of the key tools that can enable this, and there are currently several activities at the University to support this emerging requirement, and data science is making its way into diverse curriculum.

What to do next?

By providing rapidly evolving toolsets for data visualisation and data science, we can help faculties and students that lack the capability for data science. We should also nurture multidisciplinary approaches to the challenges faced by our students in understanding and communicating science.