TechLab Comet

TechLab Comet

Project Owner

  • ICT Techlab

Project Credits

  • Jim Cook (ICT, TechLab)
  • Muhit Anik (ICT, TechLab)
  • John Antonios (ICT, TechLab)
  • Lydia Gu (ICT, TechLab)

Start Date

08 Jan 2019


Problem Statement

Final Brief

Comet is a virtual assistant, who - Assists the TechLab calendar and meeting schedules - Assists TechLab asset management and consumption management - Talks and interacts vocally - Simple greetings - Recognise TechLab staffs’ faces and names - Weather forecasting - Restaurants and cafes recommendation -

Challenges & Learnings

Languages / Framework

Links to Resources

Source Code repository path

Dev deployment path

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