Westmead ALS VR Research

Project Owner

  • Westmead Creative Lab
  • TechLab
  • Design Lab

Project Credits

  • Sonya Corcoran
  • Lydia Gu

Start Date

  • 21 May 2018


  • Investigation completed 31 May 2018

Problem Statement

Westmead Creative Lab want to create an Advanced Life Support (Paediatrics) course in VR. TechLab will research the interactive capabilities in Unity to help inform the design workshop in 8 June 2018.

Final Brief

Complete several advanced Unity tutorials so that we can showcase in detail to the design team, what is possible for this upcoming project.

  1. Inbuilt Unity basic play and edit tutorial
  2. Unity UI elements

Challenges & Learnings

C1. L1. C2. L2.

Languages / Framework

Unity, C#, JavaScript

Links to Resources

Source Code Repository Path

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