Multiple User Clinical Holography (HoloBoard)

Project Owner

  • School of IT (SIT)
  • ICT Techlab

Project Credits

  • Jim Cook (ICT, TechLab)
  • Dhwani Jayant Raval (SIT)
  • Lydia Gu (ICT, TechLab)

Start Date

07 Aug 2017


Completed 27 Oct 2017

Problem Statement

The University of Sydney Techlab in collaboration with the Westmead Clinical School

  1. The University of Sydney has Begun development of a new Education hub at the Westmead Clinical School and intends to deliver Holographic consultation and PBL systems in this space.

  2. Phase 2 of this this project aims to develop a more robust multi user Holographic consultancy interface, leveraging Microsoft HoloLens(s), with customisation to the interface and back end sharing service with a mind to deploy into classrooms. We would also like to extend this to a multi session application where users can choose their room/PBL, and highlight and or annotate objects in the group.

Final Brief

Completed Holographic Academy via a HoloBoard created using Unity. Project and presentation have been delivered to SIT and TechLab supervisors.

Challenges & Learnings

  • C1. Postgraduate students are prone to underestimate the full scope and the difficulty level of this capstone project.
  • L1a. Closer supervision in the first 2-3 weeks would ensure the Capstone students have a working environment setup and compatibility issues solved.
  • L1b. Have regular project updates and run Agile retrospective as best practice.

  • C2. Many technical challenges had been encountered during the development stage, e.g. the spatial mapping crash happened in the final testing and it could not be solved perfectly in the end.

  • L2a. It’s still a good trial for our Master students to practice the self-learning via developer communities and problem solving. The Hololens Academy base and libraries have been open-sourced and the releases might lack complete testing and bug fixes.
  • L2b. Encourage and guide capstone student(s) to create the app using the latest released base and libraries (e.g. always stick to work on the latest Hololens Academy packages).

Languages / Framework

C#, Unity, Universal Windows Platform (via Visual Studio)

Links to Resources

Source Code repository path

GitHub Enterprise Repo

Dev deployment path

NA (demo only)

Prod deployment path

NA (demo only)