Cornerstone to LMS migration pilot

Project Owner

  • ICT Applications and Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Continuing Centre for Education (CCE)

Project Credits

  • Jim Cook (ICT, TechLab)
  • Adrian Goldfinch
  • Bernard Stepien (Applications Manager, ICT)

Start Date

29 Jan, 2016


Completed 07 July, 2016

Problem Statement

The University strategy indicates we will move to a single Learning Management System (LMS). As part of this we need to identify cases that are easily transitioned into the new LMS. The objective of this experiment was to document the process of migrating content from Cornerstone to Blackboard (now Canvas) and identify caveats and dependencies encountered which would need to be addressed if a migration process was undertaken. The objective is to migrate a series of activities and demonstrate them in the environment to stakeholders.

Final Brief

The migration of learning modules for all modern content was seamless, thanks mostly to the open standards employed by most LMS’s. The format of output for content generated by Articulate can be rendered in SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) which allows for rapid linkage to Blackboard’s GradeBook and identity management elements. There is an added advantage of instructor led modules being run as virtual lessons through Blackboard Collaborate, as well as access to the Blackboard Analytics engine for understanding.

Challenges & Learnings

  • C1. There is a complexity to be addressed as to where the Gradebook is stored long term, as generally in Blackboard this is migrated out to SITS. We do not currently have a full HR managed solution, so position description and capability is stored exclusively in Cornerstone (aka CareerPath). Likewise, importing of past achievement may prove challenging.
  • L1. There is no substitute for a true HRIS system.

  • C2. Currently CareerPath does complex event management and course enrolment interactions including but not limited to:

  • Cancel sessions that are below a threshold
  • Load balance enrolled users between sessions.
  • Recommend different sessions for cancelled sessions.
  • It also allows for VIP/Super user bulk enrolments via proxy.
  • L2. Some of this can be overcome with clever management and implementation of policy or best practices, but at this stage we cannot see a good alternative to the event management solution. This may need to be addressed by the LMS provisioners as short course management.

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We have delivered a transfer of three separate learning objects into the Blackboard Dev, and UAT environments.

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