Shared Holograms

Project Owner

  • School of IT (SIT)
  • Professor David Cook (Deputy Dean, Sydney Medical School)

Project Credits

  • Jim Cook (ICT, TechLab)
  • Leon (Ce Liang) (SIT)
  • Lydia Gu (ICT, TechLab)

Start Date

06 March 2017


Completed 16 June 2017

Problem Statement

The University of Sydney is currently developing a new Education hub at the Westmead Clinical School and intends to deliver Holographic consultation and PBL(Problem Based Learning) systems in this space. This project aims to develop a rudimentary multi user Holographic consultancy interface, leveraging Microsoft Hololens(s), a secure back end, and simple tablets.

Final Brief

A basic Hologram sharing applications with sufficient instructions to deploy anywhere.

Challenges & Learnings

  • C1. Hologram technology is in its infancy, and not a lot of example code exists.
  • L1. This will improve with time, however new toolsets are being brought to market constantly, and it is hard to stay current.
  • C2. The Holographic emulator is not a good toolset for testing multi user experiences.
  • L2. Procurement of additional Hololenses has alleviated this in the short term. However, careful and rigorous asset management will ensure we can deliver multiple holographic outcomes in the future.

Languages / Framework

C#, Unity, Universal Windows App, Node.js, Holographic Academy.

Links to Resources

GitHub Enterprise Repo