Cisco CMX Data BI Assistance

Project Owner

  • Steve Junor (ICT, Networking)
  • Tariq Adnan (ICT, Networking)

Project Credits

  • Jim Cook (ICT, TechLab)
  • Lydia Gu (ICT, TechLab)

Start Date

21 Jul 2017


Completed 15 Sep 2017        

Problem Statement

We’ve been trawling through the Cisco Prime data for sometime, but now we have a new data source in CMX that more accurately provides specific location data, plus device roaming (non-authenticated) data. CMX doesn’t spit out large log files like Prime, you need to query it via API calls.

Thoughts: We need a script that runs an API call against CMX to retrieve UniKey data about CMX zones (which are rooms) in H70. Tariq has written some of the API calls, but we need to regularly run the API calls and store away the returned data approximately every 10 minutes. We can then correlate data with UniKey/IDM/Course/Prime information to report on: - Student numbers (UniKeys and devices) in a room over time - What type of student is in room X (e.g. how many students in the H70 labs are actually enrolled in Business Studies) - Dwell time for students in certain areas - Compare the user count accuracy of Prime AP “location” information, to CMX triangulation information   There’s probably a few other things that will pop up, but the CMX calls and storing of info is the most pressing because we aren’t currently logging the location information that CMX is generating.

Final Brief

The PoC met the requirements. Project owner had plan to apply for hardware enhancement for Cisco RestAPI based on the Proof of Concept (PoC).

Challenges & Learnings

  • C1. Some failures occurred when the application tried to retrieve the data from Cisco RestAPI. The failures are due to the overload.
  • L1a. A further plan of hardware enhancement for Cisco RestAPI based on the PoC.
  • L1b. Another capstone project aiming to provide solution on these requirements was initiated after this PoC; a master student from Cisco was involved and would contribute further suggestions on the Cisco RestAPI improvement.

  • C2. Project owners concern about the privacy.

  • L2. Ensure University privacy policy is communicated and understood prior to commencing project.

Languages / Framework

Python, R, JSON, NoSQL, PowerBI

Links to Resources

BitBucket Repo