OnTask Learning

OnTask learning is a student intervention tool that is designed for prescriptive interventions for students based on their course participation across a myriad of technology platforms at the university.


Project Owner

  • Abelardo Pardo (Project sponsor, School of Electrical & Information Engineering)

Project Credits

  • Lydia Gu (ICT, TechLab)
  • Sonya Corcoran (ICT, TechLab)
  • Jim Cook (ICT, TechLab)

Start Date

03 May 2017


Completed 20 December 2017

Problem Statement

Deploy and host the OnTask open-source software on the University’s Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) and add authentication using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Integrate with Piazza, a third party discussion board application, using Piazza’s API.

Final Brief

Dependancy corruption issues with the code base on the SDDC resulted in three deployment strategies implemented to ensure the pilot could commence.

  1. Deployment on SDDC

  2. Just in time deployment on a local server owned by Abelardo

  3. Deployment on replicated SDDC on AWS to troubleshoot dependancy issue.

Challenges & Learnings

  • C1. Working with undocumented code.
  • L1a. Receive and review code in advance.
  • L1b. Establish a working group with the external partners.
  • L1c. Set milestones and deliverable items with Project Owner.

  • C2. Complexity of ICT processes whereby hosting changes are dependent on Business As Usual (BAU) resources creating project delays.

  • L2. Consideration of timelines impacting resources and discussions with key deliverers before commencing project.

  • C3. Discovered early in 2018 that the project was completely rewritten using Django.

  • L1. Establish an advisory role with the project group to stay current and advise on the direction of the project.

Languages / Framework

HTML, JavaScript, SASS, Sails.JS, Node.JS, Express

Links to Resources

Source Code repository path

TechLab BitBucket Repo

UniSA BitBucket repository

Dev deployment path

Host Server: latte554.staff.sydney.edu.au


Prod deployment path

Host Server: ontkpa01213.srv.sydney.edu.au